Jacinth's Website


Play Tic-Tac-Toe with a friend or computer.


Participate in the poll and see the results.


There is a countdown timer and stopwatch.

Ball Game

Have fun watching the ball bounce around. You choose the size, speed, and color of the ball.


You can use this program to play pictionary by taking a screenshot of your drawing.

To do list

Keep track of what you need to do and what you have done.

Star Trek Personality Quiz

Find out what Star Trek alien you are. There are 16 different aliens in this quiz. Have fun!

Fox Personality Quiz

Foxes are my sister's favorite animal. Play this quiz to find out what type of fox you are.

Random Number Game

This game is simple but fun to play. You can either play with the computer or with a friend.

Ballet Practice

You can either practice your ballet positions or enter text and hear your device talk to you.

Password Generator

To create a password simply enter how many digits you want and the computer generates the password for you.


Create a outline and take a screenshot to save the outline.

Color Generator

Create color themes easily. Hint: press the spacebar button on the keyboard to change colors randomly.

Money Calculator

Quickly calculate how much money you have.

Minecraft Suggested Retail Price

Find out the suggested retail price of products in Minecraft.

Project Planner

Create tasks to help you manage your time


An online art community.